ABOUT How Can Seniors

This website will answer questions and provide support for Seniors, not only specific to Central Florida, but other locations as well.

I am retired from the U. S. Air Force (21 years) and Manufacuring (another 20 years), so yes, I am a Senior too. I am a Volunteer for a local Senior Support non-profit organization, The Rath Senior ConNEXTions Center, which is primarily a resource information provider to support Seniors. 

I am in Central Florida–Lakeland, in Polk County, specifically. Some of the information on this website will be specific to this area and will be identified as such, and all will apply to Seniors in general.

For any of you that have privacy concerns, please visit my Privacy Policy page.  I will not abuse your trust. Comments may be entered at the bottom of each Page or Post, and any personal information will not be sold or transferred.  If you want to communicate privately, my email address here is support@howcanseniors.com.

I want to answer the many questions that Seniors have in this day and time, but at this point, I don’t know all the questions, let alone the answers to them.  But if my initial answer is “I don’t know”, it will be followed by “but let me try to find out and get back to you.”.

Not all products, goods and services provided to Seniors are from not-for-profit sources…some are from businesses that are in business to make a profit, which is fine, but I do not represent or work for any of them.  I might be an affiliate for some of them, which just means I might receive a commission for sales made through this website, but that doesn’t affect any prices for their services.